Ansible Installation

This is the same as the Docker installation, except that Ansible handles all of it automatically. It also does some extra things like setting up TLS and email for your Lemmy instance.

First, you need to install Ansible on your local computer (e.g. using sudo apt install ansible) or the equivalent for you platform.

Then run the following commands on your local computer:

git clone
cd lemmy/ansible/
cp inventory.example inventory
nano inventory # enter your server, domain, contact email
# If the command below fails, you may need to comment out this line
# In the ansible.cfg file:
# interpreter_python=/usr/bin/python3
ansible-playbook lemmy.yml --become

To update to a new version, just run the following in your local Lemmy repo:

git pull origin main
cd ansible
ansible-playbook lemmy.yml --become