Theming Guide

Lemmy uses Bootstrap v4, and very few custom css classes, so any bootstrap v4 compatible theme should work fine.


  • Use a tool like to create a bootstrap v4 theme. Export the bootstrap.min.css once you're done, and save the _variables.scss too.


  • To test out a theme, you can either use your browser's web tools, or a plugin like stylus to copy-paste a theme, when viewing Lemmy.


  1. Fork the lemmy-ui.
  2. Copy {my-theme-name}.min.css to src/assets/css/themes. (You can also copy the _variables.scss here if you want).
  3. Go to src/shared/utils.ts and add {my-theme-name} to the themes list.
  4. Test locally
  5. Do a pull request with those changes.